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JOHN LORD DE JOINVILLE Memoirs of Louis IX, King of France


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Memoirs of Louis IX, King of France
page 5

league, in the month of November, 1314, against this same king, on account of a subsidy which he had undertaken to raise from the nobles of bis realm. This dispute was settled the ensuing year by the king, Louis Hutin, who, by his letters, dated from the Bois de Vincennes, the 17th day of Msy, 1315, appointed commissioners to inquire into their privi, leges. The king immediately after issued a summons for the nobles of his realm to assemble at Arras in the month of August, to assist him in his war against the Flemings ; but the lord de Joinville was ordered, by a private letter from the king, to be at Authie by the middle of June. This wss, however, too short notice for him to make his preparations, and he wrote to the king his excuses, alleging the impossibility of being at the appointed place by the time fixed, and promising at the same time to join the army as speedily as be could. And in the list of those men at-arms who were in the company of my lord the count of Potiers, and received at Arras and elsewhere by his two marshals, M . Regnant de Lor and the Borgne de Ceris, his name appears, with one knight and six esquires. The letter which be wrote to the king on the subject of this summons was ss follows : — " To his good lord, Louis, by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre, John lord of JoinviUe, seneschal of Champagne, sends health and his willing service. Dear sire, it is indeed true, as you inform me, that it has been reported you had made up matters with the Flemings ; and, as we believed it, sire, we have not made any preparations to obey your summons, which you sent me, sire, acquainting me that you should be at Arras to redress the wrongs the Flemings have done you ; and in this I think you act well, end may God give you his assistance ! And as you have ordered me and my people to be at Authie by the middle of June, sire, I inform you that that cannot well be done ; for your letters only arrived the second Sunday in June, eight days before we ought to have been at the rendezvous. M y people shall be got ready as soon as possible, to go whithersoever you please. Sire, do not be displeased that at the beginning of this letter I have only called you my good lord, for I bsve never done otherwise to my lords your ancestors and predecessors in the government, whose souls may God pardon I Written the second Sunday of June, the same day that your letter was brought me, in the year 1315." This letter waa folded, and sealed with a seal of yellow wax, of the sixe of a large golden crown, having an impression of a knight armed with his sword and shield^, and the coat of arms and housing of his horse blazoned with the arms of Joinville : around it, instead of an inscription, was a border of flowers de luce, similar to that which is on the coins of St. Louis. The lord de Joinville must have been ninety or ninety-two years old in this year of 1315 ; for since his marriage waa arranged in 1231, and consummated in 1240, he could not then have been younger than twenty years. A late author assures us, that he lived upwards of one hundred years ; and in a title-deed of the abbey of St. Urbain, near Joinville, dated on the morrow of Easter, in the year 13 . .. , by which he granta to Robert, the abbot, and to the monks of that monastery, certain fields and woods, he says, that he bad been engaged so long in the country of the infidels,

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